1.5 KG Hair Removed From Women In Indore; Check Out What Goes On Next

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In a nothing short of a wonder, a ball of hair weighing around 1.5 kg has been taken off the stomach of a 25-year-old woman after a 3-hour-long surgery. The surgery occurred at the Government-run Maharaja Yeshwantrao Hospital in Indore.

It’s been learned that the woman suffered from a mental disorder which led her to tear out and chew the hair on her head. Over a period of time, the hair formed a hard lump inside the belly. The patient’s condition was stable.

A group of 5 doctors led by R K Mathur had carried out the surgery. Mathur said that had the hair not been taken off her stomach, it could have caused a significant medical problem.

In a similar instance, doctors at the state-run Calcutta Medical College and Hospital in Kolkata have removed 639 nails, weighing several kgs, from the belly of a 48-year-old man struggling with schizophrenia. The person had swallowed the nails over a period.

“The patient is from North 24 Parganas districts Gobardanga. He was suffering from schizophrenia and had swallowed nails and soil regularly over a period of time,”

Dr. Siddhartha Biswas, who had carried out the procedure, said.

“We made a 10 cm incision in the abdomen and taken out the nails using a magnet. We’ve also extracted soil, ”

Biswas said adding that the operation lasted about 1 hour and 45 minutes. The patient had been complaining of abdomen pain since last week of September and was taken to a private nursing home where X-rays showed the presence of nails. He was immediately referred to the Calcutta Medical College and Hospital where X-rays and endoscopy had shown the existence of nails around 2 to 2.5 inches long in the abdomen.

On October 26, two-year-old twins joined up with at the top were separated throughout 16-hour-long medical procedures performed by doctors at AIIMS.

It was regarded as among the rarest medical interventions in India. Odisha twins-Jaga and Kalia-were under 28-month-old. A team of about 30 professionals from the institute’s neurosurgery, neuro-anaesthesia, and plastic surgery division performed the marathon surgery.

Doctors said Jaga was of more fragile health and his condition was even more critical while Kalia was thought to be stable.


News Source : Financial Express

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