The iPhone X is the major upgrade to the iPhone line-up yet. The iPhone X comes with a stunning bezel-less design, future ahead AR features, wireless charging, a TrueTone OLED screen plus much more.

After the Note 7 disaster, the Galaxy Note 8 carries forwards the same design language Samsung introduced with the S8 series of phones and consequently looks extremely gorgeous.

They have an impressive bezel-less design, powerful internals, an edge-to-edge 6.3-inch AMOLED display, dual cameras and a range of biometric unlocking options.

Regardless of the known fact that the Galaxy Note 8 costs Rs 20,000 less than the iPhone X, there are many features exclusive to Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone that the iPhone X lacks :

Iris scanning/ fingerprint scanner


The brand new iPhone X brings with it Face ID – the capability to unlock the phone with a glimpse of that person.

All of this revolution comes at a price. Touch ID – which includes turning into a mainstay on Apple iPhones since its intro on the iPhone 5s in 2013 has vanished on the iPhone X.

Rumours declare that Apple bets adieu to the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone X because the business didn’t embed it under the smartphone’s display.


Alternatively, the Galaxy Note 8 not only has a fingerprint scanning device (its location is terrible though), it also comes with iris scanning that allows you to unlock the smartphone making use of your eye as well as a facial acknowledgment. All three systems can be utilized together with each other.

Display off memo feature

The S Pen is one of the very most popular top features of the Note line-up and once and for all reason – it greatly enhances the production of the Note group of smartphones and sets them in addition to the remaining competition. With the Note 8, Samsung has made the S Pen more useful even.


Using the Note 8’s new screen off memo feature, you may take down up to 100 pages of notes without even turning on the phone’s display.

You can even pin these records on the Note 8’s always on-screen from where you can edit them at will. Pretty right nifty?

Translations on the fly

You can use the S Pen to quickly and conveniently translate text also. All you have to do is choose the text message you are translating, hover the S-Pen on the chosen voilĂ  and text! the translated text shall appear over the initial text.

The Note 8 uses Google translate for the translations and overall, the feature works quite nicely. It is also in a position to read text message off images sometime, which is quite useful.

You can also use the same steps in the above list to convert money models via the S-Pen.

Nifty dual camera tricks

Yes, it is a known fact that Samsung has been quite late to the dual camera game. Google Android phones have been at it for a long time and even Apple became a member of the bandwagon this past year with the iPhone 7 Plus.

However, Samsung has managed to get up for the hold off with some nifty features.

Dual Capture allows you to take an image using both the telephoto and wide-angle lens at exactly the same time
The Galaxy Note 8’s dual camera setup includes two pretty nifty features called ‘Live Focus’ and ‘Dual Capture’.

Live Focus gives you to change the depth of field while previewing a shot and even once you’ve taken an image.

Dual Capture is incredibly unique and useful – it allows you to take an image using both wide-angle and telephoto lens at exactly the same time. After clicking on a shot, you can choose which picture you want to keep simple.

Handwriting recognition


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 not only gives you to write notes using the S Pen, it has a fairly useful handwriting to text feature also. The transformation happens rapidly which is a lot more accurate than it used to be on the Galaxy Note 5.

This is an attribute Personally, I love as it allows me to quickly write a paragraph or two among events. Nothing at all comes near to the capability of writing within your own handwriting and the Note 8 actually will a stellar job of recognizing my messy handwriting exactly.


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