The Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show all support voice calls



In the event, you overlooked the announcement during Amazon’s very occupied hardware event previous this full week, the Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show have all gained the capability to place voice calls to numbers in America, Canada, and Mexico free of charge.

If you wish to receive calls from regular numbers, you’ll need the new $35 Connect box that Amazon revealed on Wed, which also gives you to use your home telephone number for Echo calls and dial emergency services like 911 or premium rate / international numbers.

But this continues to be a good upgrade from the initial version of Alexa calling that Amazon rolled out, which only enable you to call other Echo owners or people who have the Alexa application installed and setup on the smartphone.

You will just inform your Echo to call anyone in your contacts or speak out a particular number to dial.

Once you’ve set up Alexa calling and messaging, your own mobile number is from the device and can arrive in recipients when you call.

This is really a bit unusual since it enables you to call yourself with your personal phone number from an Echo. You’ve got the choice to opt out of showing your number, in which particular case other people will discover “unknown caller” whenever your Echo rings them.

I’m uncertain why you’d want to do that really, as this “unknown caller” caller ID concern is the major annoyance with Google Home’s voice calls right now.

The company only shows a recognizable contact number to the people you’re dialing if you’re a Google Voice user.

Google has said it shall be in a position to screen mobile numbers for another consumer soon, but Amazon has beaten it to the punch.

Regrettably, you can’t dictate SMS messages with your Echo yet; Alexa’s messaging capabilities remain Echo-to-Echo (or the Alexa app) limited to now.


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