Apple focusing on a ‘budget’ Rs 16,000 iPad for 2018

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Apple focusing on a ‘budget’ Rs 16,000 iPad for 2018



Apple is only one of the few makers who continue pushing expectation in the almost inactive tablet sector. In 2017, they rolled out 2 tablet models – the iPad Pro for the high-end, laptop-rivalling, premium tablet segment and the iPad 2017 for the average tablet user.

Apple claims that they ship around 10 million devices of tablets every one fourth and they are seeking to enhance or at least maintain that figure with a new affordable tablet next year.

If we are to trust DigiTimes’ report, Apple is focusing on a new $259 (approximately Rs 16,000) iPad. This inexpensive iPad will withhold the iPad 2017’s 9.7-inch form factor but use relatively ‘less-able’ components, i.e. this budget iPad won’t be as effective as the cheapest iPad on sale today.

The budget iPad will be unveiled sometime in the latter half of 2018 and can compete with offerings from a few of the main players in this field such as Samsung and Lenovo.

The existing iPad 2017 is available off the shelf for Rs 28,000 and was made on an Apple A9 chip that powers the 2015 iPhone 6S and the 2016 iPhone SE.

If this iPad is meant to be a cost-effective substitute for the 2017 iPad, then it could possibly utilize the previous A8 chips from the 2014 iPhone 6 or at most utilize the A9 chip in a tuned-down state.

It is thought to debut with iOS 12 that Apple is likely to unveil next year.

The tablet marketplace, despite being a weaker one, keeps on posting good numbers. Apple’s iPad lineup has been regarded as a better tablet system than that of Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows. A cheaper iPad will certainly make the aspirational iPad even more available to the masses.


News Source : Deccan Chronicle

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