Bananas are really healthy and delicious in taste too. It does not only gives a great taste but also have benefits indigestion, heart health, and weight reduction.

But now it’s been found Bananas can help prevent heart attacks and strokes, according to a study.

The researchers discovered that potassium in the fruit combats the hardening and ­narrowing of arteries. Other good resources of potassium include parsnips, seeds, fish, and poultry.

The researchers found out the effects after analyzing mice who were at risk of heart disease.

The mice were then fed either low, normal or high degrees of potassium with the results displaying that the arteries of mice fed a low-potassium diet became significantly harder.

On the other hand, the animals given high potassium had considerably less artery hardening and reduced tightness in their aorta.

As such, the essential mineral is thought to help prevent heart attacks and strokes in humans. However eating too much can cause stomach ache, nausea, and diarrhea.

Dr. Mike Knapton, from the British Heart Foundation, said,

“The study in mice showed that not eating enough potassium leads to the hardening of arteries.”

Official NHS advice is to take 3,500mg of potassium every day, a quarter which could be met by consuming two bananas. Other foodstuffs rich in the mineral include potatoes, broccoli, sprouts, seeds, fish, and poultry.


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