In Delhi, Obama slams Trump without once naming him

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In Delhi, Obama slams Trump without once naming him



NEW DELHI: POTUS 44, Barack Obama, is definitely an expert of deadpan humour. And he put it to good use today while in Delhi, to slam POTUS 45, without once naming him.

At an event in the Capital, the former US President was asked about how Twitter, and social media in general, has transformed the world for good or for bad.

“You know, I have about 100 million Twitter followers, more than some people who use it a lot,” Obama deadpanned.
It’s no secret who that “some people” are. He was talking, of course, about current US President Donald Trump, who’s very active – to place it mildly – on Twitter. Also, Trump’s personal Twitter account only has some 44 million followers in contrast to Obama’s 100-odd million.

About Twitter behaviour in general, Obama said people should think before they tweet.

“Don’t say the first thing that pops into your head, have a little bit of a (self) edit function, that’s good advice for life,” Obama again said, without expression.

No secret here either, about what he’s referring to. Again, it’s Trump, who’s known to shoot from the hip on Twitter.
That’s not all Obama said about Trump – without naming him. He also took a dig at him on the matter of climate change. In June 2017, Trump announced his purpose to withdraw America from the historic Paris Climate Agreement of December 2015.

“The (Paris) agreement that — even though we have a little bit of a pause in American leadership — is giving our children a fighting chance,” said Obama.

Then came to his zinger directed at Trump.”I can have a debate with someone about climate change and about what we need to do, but if you call climate change a hoax, I don’t know what to do with that,” said Obama.
In the run-up to last November’s US Presidential election, Trump famously stated climate change is a hoax perpetrated by China.


News Source : Times Of India

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