A migraine can get debilitating. The pain can meddle with your day-to-day routine disabling you from undertaking your everyday activities.

As the exact reason behind the pain is as yet not known to the medical world, it is characterized as a neurological ailment.

Usually, a person who is suffering from a migraine may also report experiencing physical discomfort around the areas near to the website of pain – like temples, eyes, face and the jaw even.

The most recent study links a migraine to a jawbone disorder stating that the frequency of a migraine attack could also influence the severe nature of the jawbone disorder known as temporomandibular disorder.

A number of the previously conducted studies had linked migraine with pain experienced in chewing muscles seen as a difficulty in chewing and pressure in the associated bones.

A migraine and Ayurveda

In his publication, The Entire Book of Ayurveda Remedies, Ayurveda experts Vasant Lad describes a migraine as occurring when systemic pitta goes into the cardiovascular system “frequently, circulates and impacts the blood vessels around the mind.

The hot, sharp quality of pitta dilates the arteries and creates a strain on the nerves, leading to this painful condition.”

Diet to defeat a migraine

Ayurveda suggests launching through to a pitta pacifying diet to eliminate a migraine. Spicy and hot food items must be avoided.

You need to include items which have inherent cooling properties. Sour foods and citrus foods should be avoided also.

Morning remedy

Have a ripe banana; chop it into small blend and items well with 1 teaspoon of warm ghee, 1 tsp of day sugars and a pinch of cardamom.

Have this delicious concoction the very first thing in the early morning to experience the difference in your condition.


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