With diets of almost 80 % of Indians without proper protein, food giant Danone India’s Managing Director Rodrigo Lima on Tuesday urged Indians to opt for dietary supplements that can fulfill their body’s protein requirements.

According to Lima, while 85 % of Indians believe they are receiving enough proteins in their diet, various studies and researchers suggest in any other case.

“The fulfillment of protein requirements is important for adolescent boys and girls, since it is the transitional phase of life from childhood to adulthood, and rapid increase in height and weight, psychological and sexual maturity with cognitive development are observed among them,” he said.

According to a report by research firm IMRB, Lucknow is the most protein-deficient city with 90 % of its population experiencing protein deficiency.

Ahmedabad and Chennai with 84 % each have the second-largest protein-deficient people. Delhi reaches the fifth position with 60 % of its population suffering from protein deficiency.

The study involved analysis of the diet patterns of respondents.

Danone India on Tuesday also launched a Protinex Bytes, a specially formulated protein-rich, on-the-go nutrition snack for everyone with busy lifestyles.

“Today, protein consumption is bound to the house. Also, with changing lifestyles there are more snacking events per day with most options being high in fat and sugar but low in protein,” said Lima.

Lately, the Indian Dietetic Association (IDA) on Wed launched a campaign here to make people alert to how to obtain right nutrition, especially proteins, even if indeed they do not find enough time to really have the day’s major meals.


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