Some kind of offer between HTC and Google was rumored. On morning hours it materialized Thursday.

In an offer that both ongoing companies in their own various ways — Google published a post, HTC delivered a news release — both said that was buying elements of HTC within an all-cash deal well worth $1.1 billion.

But unlike the most common deals that people see occurring, Google’s hasn’t exactly bought a company or perhaps a division this time around.

It is buying an integral part of HTC just, which for a while changes nothing for neither Google nor HTC.

It is just a little perplexing offer. So let’s quickly break it down, given the given information that’s available about it so far.

— Very first thing first. Google is paying $1.1 billion in cash to HTC because of this deal. In exchange, the silicon valley company gets some resources from the Taiwan phone maker.

The crucial thing that Google gets is talent. Within the offer, around 2000 engineers from HTC shall be joining Google.

These engineers presently work in HTC’s Pixel telephone division.

Quite simply, they are the HTC individuals who have helped make Google Pixel phones. It’s that after today’s deal they’ll be working straight for Google, of focusing on Google Pixel phones from HTC office instead.

— But some bright engineers aside, Google is also getting usage of some HTC technologies in a non-exclusive way.

These systems have never been identified however they are easy to think. Over the full years, HTC is rolling out some cool mobile phone technology.

It pioneered the metallic body design with M7, that was accompanied by even the Apple in the iPhone 6 later. HTC, in addition, has pioneered technologies like Boomsound — still the best as it pertains to smartphone sound — and Ultrapixel cameras, which make the U11 camera among the best in the continuing business.

Chances are that Google is getting access to these technologies and you will be allowed to utilize them Pixel phones.

But because this gain access to is non-exclusive, HTC too will continue steadily to use these systems in its own phones.

— So people plus some intellectual property. What else? That’s where the facts of the Google-HTC offer are sparse. It’s likely that Google gets something extra from the offer also. HTC has developing facilities for phones, so it’s likely that Google shall get some sort of usage of them. Or probably some privileges to use the design-related intellectual property that HTC has.

It’s for future years of Pixel phones

Regardless of what Google is getting from the HTC offer, it is clear that this deal is approximately the continuing future of Pixel phones.

Here’s what Rick Osterloh, who’s the hardware main for Google, said on Thursday night as he announced the deal: “We’re worked up about the 2017 line-up, but even more influenced by what’s waiting for you over another five, 10, 20 years even. Creating beautiful products that individuals rely on each day is a trip, and we are trading for the long term.”

I am uncertain about a decade. Or twenty years. But I believe Personally I think that Google Pixel is going to be around for a while and until 2020 definitely.

Now, this might not appear to be much, but it is big deal. Google is the company that has a strategy of “take no prisoners”.

It can abandon something when it appears that nothing at all good is developing it in conditions of earnings and overall business.

For instance, the Google Cup. Additionally, it is a company it doesn’t just like a low-margin business. And smartphones are low margin if they are actually high-end phones even. The only exclusion to the is the iPhone.

But that discussion is perfect for another full day. Back to the offer. The real way I view it, The Google-HTC offer should assure the Pixel users (and followers) that phone is likely to be here for some time.

And which should come to the people as an alleviation because up to now even though Pixel has been a strike with device reviewers and power users, it hasn’t exactly wowed the standard users, or quite simply, people who buy iPhone.

In fact, already talks had started about how Google would abandon the Pixel phones soon. Today’s deal with HTC implies that Google won’t give up it, at least for the foreseeable time.

Actually, today’s deal is the arguably the largest move Google has designed for its phone division. It is the biggest indication that Google is currently focused on making the best smartphone in the world and is preparing to undertake the might of iPhone, without holding anything back.

When Google obtained Motorola, at an extremely high-price of over $10 billion, it does so for patents.

That move was to save lots of the whole Google Android ecosystem that was under filthy episodes from Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle.

The Motorola buy offered Google and its own companions a patent shield. The devices, the phone business was a bonus just.

That is probably why Google sold Motorola to Lenovo a couple of years ago when the patent wars experienced ended.

But today’s offer is designed for the hardware knowledge that HTC has. It isn’t for patents. It really is for the social people HTC has and the smartphone technology that the business puts in its phones.

It’s the desire of not keeping anything back again that Google is most likely getting HTC People into its office.

Obviously, it doesn’t assurance that with the expertise brought from HTC, Google can topple the Apple and iPhone.

But today ‘s offer shows finally, after all these full years, Google will want to have a serious shot at toppling the iPhone.


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