Google has launched a fresh feature that allows the users to contribute to movie and tv reviews to Google Search results.

The tech giant has confirmed the new feature comes in India only on Web, mobile, and the application in English, On Saturday TechCrunch, reported.

Google said the user-submitted reviews are automatically filtered for any inappropriate content and may also be flagged by specific users if something inappropriate manages to make it through the company’s system.

After a user submits an overview, it will come in the Knowledge Panel for various Television shows and movies near the top of the search records on, the statement added.

Google declined to discuss its programs to expand its new reviews feature beyond the Indian market.

The brand new feature is comparable to the “restaurant reviews” contributed by the users, which shows details like store hours, location, busy times and critics reviews of numerous restaurants in Google’s Knowledge Panel.

Earlier this week, Google has rolled out a feature searching for users in America to evaluate if an ebook is open to borrowing from the local library.

When looking for a written book, the Get Book tab shows a Borrow ebook section, which lists public library systems with a link to open the webpage and borrow nearby.


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