A recent study has discovered that women strike puberty earlier and suffer significant changes in their brains if indeed they have been touched intimately.

Experts at the Bernstein Center, and Humboldt University, Berlin, led by Constanze Michael and Lenschow Brecht, reported that sexual touch may have a larger impact on puberty than previously thought.

It’s been known for some right time that sociable cues can either accelerate or hold off puberty in mammals, but it hasn’t been clear which indicators are crucial, nor the way they impact the physical body and brain, and specifically the possible reorganization of the mind.

The researchers first observed that the neural representation of the genitals in the cerebral cortex expands during puberty. To start with, the scholarly research confirms that which was expected; that sexual hormones speed up puberty and the development of the so-called ‘genital cortex.’

However, what’s new is that they find that intimate touch contributes substantially to the acceleration of puberty also.

During their study, the scientists first put young female rats as well as male rats and found that the genital cortex extended because of this.

This didn’t happen when the females were housed with other females, or if the men were separated from them with a wire mesh, preventing direct contact thereby.

However, they discovered that the same acceleration of cortical development could be viewed when the rats’ genitals were handled artificially utilizing a lubricated brush.

Lenschow said,

“The consequences of sexual touch on puberty and the genital cortex are amazing because you wouldn’t expect this section of the brain to expand at this time of development.”

Hence, the enlargement of the genital cortex isn’t just triggered by human hormones but also by sexual touch.


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