Most the metastatic prostate cancer cases are via rural areas. Registry data obviously indicates rising instances of Prostate cancer (PCa) among rural populace and experts are of the view that advanced treatment, drugs, and technologies have to be made available to them.

“There can be an urgent need to produce recognition about prostate cancer threat among the rural populace”

–  indicated Prof (Dr) Anup Kumar, Head of Department, Renal and urology Transplant, Vardhman Mahavir Medical College Safdarjung and (VMMC) Hospital.

The Registry at Safdarjung Hospital, where registered cases of patients in OPD exceeds 1 lac every full month, reveals that out of just one 1 lac, 20% are prostate cancer patients, 40% are medically localized, 30% are locally advanced and 30% are metastatic prostate cancer.

The Registry discloses that PCa event is increasing in India. Previously, 80% instances were metastatic and rests were only 20% and the majority of the metastatic CA prostate situations are from rural areas.

The data implies that almost all parts of India are affected by this cancer equally. The incidence rates of the cancer are constantly and quickly increasing in every the Population-Based Cancer Registries (PBRCs).

The cancer projection data shows that the true number of cases can be doubled by 2020. Delhi cancer registry shows prostate cancer is the next most regularly diagnosed cancer among men in Delhi accounting for approximately 6.78% of most malignancies.

Prof (Dr) P N Dogra, Head of Urology, AIIMS says,

“This disease has turned into a major health problem during the last few years globally.

Prostate cancer is the second most common cause of cancer and the sixth leading reason behind cancer death among men worldwide.

Without a doubt, the percentage has transformed in the metro towns but there continues to be a limited usage of rural areas in India.

A lot of the metastatic CA prostate cases are from rural areas. Therefore, it’s challenging to government and doctors to diminish the chance factors and take causation of prostate cancer in the rural areas very significantly.”

Prof (Dr) Anup Kumar expresses that

“There is a need to upgrade more government hospitals and treatment, surgery available, drugs and the price i.e. 3-4 lac should be reduced to affordable levels.

With targeted prostate-specific antigen screening, better access to healthcare facilities and with advanced technology like 3D robotics and laparoscopy, better cancer drugs, survival can be improved and standard of living is expected to be improved for the patients in rural areas.

There’s a high need to provide this usage of the rural population to make them alert to this disease and treatment systems.”

As September has been observed Prostate cancer (PCa) Awareness Month globally, India, in addition, has scaled up attempts to make people especially rural populace aware of the killer disease which includes turning into a major medical condition over the last few decades.

PCa is the next most common cause of cancer and the sixth leading reason behind cancer loss of life among men worldwide. Because of increasing situations of PCa in rural areas experts strongly suggest that advanced treatment especially, drugs, and technology need to be distributed around rural populace too and there can be an immediate need to crease create understanding amongst them to avoid prostate cancer is a killer.

India needs to take up the task to overcome the growing burden of PCa both in urban as well rural areas.

Hospitals, doctors, medication manufacturers and other stakeholders need to work to curb the deadly disease spreading and killing Indian men together.

The government has recently noticed the bell and the Centre have managed to get required to get the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) exam which shows the seriousness towards the condition. And a similar thing must reach the rural areas affected men’s experiencing this disease.

Treatment for PCa requires a complete lot of money although testing and treatment at central government hospitals like RML, AIIMS, and Safdarjung are cost-free. Access, Consciousness, and Affordability will be the major difficulties which have to be overcome urgently.

Relating to a scholarly study by International Agency for Research on Cancer, the worldwide PCa burden is likely to grow to at least one 1.7 million new cases and 4,99, 000 new fatalities by 2,030 simply because of the growth and geriatric population of the global population.

The security alarm bell is buzzing which is about time pay sufficient attention as India has its talk about of prostate health issues and needs immediate action.


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