If you’re getting sick frequently, then we’ve some information for you. As it happens these common daily practices that you do could be a reason behind you getting ill constantly.

Microbiologist Professor Sally Bloomfield thinks that people often believe that the toilet pan and the floor will be the dirtiest places around the house. But, relating, to her there are more filthy areas we should be skeptical of, reports News.com.au.

She also feels that the primary thing is to apply regular hand-washing and also to keep critical surfaces, such as door handles and cell phones, as clean as you possibly can. Listed below are five things people need to avoid right now.

Using your phone while on the toilet



It’s a simple habit to find yourself in but making use of your cell phone when you’re on the toilet is truly a dangerous mistake to make. Dr. Paul Matewele from London Metropolitan University said,

“Touching your phone between using the bathroom and washing the hands is an extremely bad idea.”

“Toilet seats, handles, sinks, and taps are covered in germs such as E. coli, which can cause urinary system infections and intestinal illness, C. diff which can lead to diarrhea, and Acinetobacter which can result in a contagious respiratory infection,” he added.

Not clearing away your handbag



Handbags and wallets enter into constant connection with the hands and are also riddled with bacteria that could include norovirus, MRSA and E. coli. People will keep germs to a minimum by putting their handbag on the hook with all the bathroom. Vacuuming within your bag and wiping down the surface with an antibacterial cloth can help keep it sanitary.

Putting on your shoes inside


According to a study, 39.7% of shoes were carrying C. diff which can cause diarrhea. Dr. Matewele is convinced people can get significantly sick if indeed they unintentionally ingest C. diff. People should take their shoes off at the entranceway and pack them in fabric bags when touring.

Not cleaning your Television remote



The TV remote ends up being everywhere throughout the house, so keeping it clean should be something people should do. Relating to Dr. Matewele, because of the frequency which they are handled, a remote control can be riddled with bacteria including E. coli.

Not washing sponges properly



Sponges are there to keep your home clean, but they are a significant germy culprit. Sponges are thought to be the ideal breeding grounds for microbes because they get a nourishing, warm, moist environment, along with nutritive materials from food waste materials. Replacing sponges on a monthly basis, or cleaning at a higher temp in the dishwasher should keep bacterial growth at bay.


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