SIM-Free iPhone X Available For Purchase In The USA

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It’s been over per month since the formal launch of Apple’s iPhone X, and its supply and demand appear to be balanced now.

Apple is also apparently expanding the lineup. Apple on December 4 began offering a SIM-free edition of the iPhone X on its online store in the USA, allowing customers to get an unlocked iPhone without picking a carrier.

The SIM-free variant of the iPhone X includes all the same features as the initial device, and can also be delivered within a week of being ordered. If you purchase your SIM-free iPhone X model today, it’ll arrive by December 12.

The iPhone X is normally sold with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon contracts. The new option means these devices can be bought without a carrier.

According to Mac Rumors, SIM-free iPhone X models will work with any network carrier and have complete support for both CDMA and GSM networks. Apple iPhone models from AT&T and T-Mobiles do not support CDMA networks and are not compatible with Sprint or Verizon.

The supply of the iPhone X has improved rapidly in the last month. Because the pre-orders kicked off on October 27, Apple has allowed customers to get an iPhone X with only AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon SIMs, though models bought in full are listed as unlocked.

Apple introduced this program to all those users who prefer to switch between carriers or travel internationally on a regular basis. This also means that users aren’t tethered to a particular network carrier.

The SIM-free and unlocked iPhone X starts at $999 for 64GB of storage, while the 256GB variant is available for $1,149.

Apple may also soon allow its employees to buy the iPhone X through the internal employee site at a discount.


News Source : IBTimes

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