Twitter Says Trump’s Account Deactivated by Departing Staff

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Twitter Says Trump's Account Deactivated by Departing Staff VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – SEPTEMBER 06: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump pauses during a campaign event September 6, 2016 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Trump participated in a discussion with retired Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)



US President Donald Trump’s Twitter account – where he boldly confronts those who displease him, suggests North Korea “may not be around much longer!” and promotes Trump Tower taco bowls- vanished.

Twitter at first posted a declaration Thursday night saying Trump’s “account was accidentally deactivated due to human error by a Twitter employee.”

For those couple of minutes, visitors to Trump’s account were greeted with the message, “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!”

“The account was down for 11 minutes, and has since been restored,”

the statement read.

“We are continuing to investigate and are taking steps to prevent this from happening again.”

But two hours later, Twitter updated its statement saying an analysis showed the deactivation

“was done by a Twitter customer support employee who did this on the employee’s last day.”

Twitter said it might be conducting a complete internal review.

The company’s tweet: Earlier today @realdonaldtrump’s account was inadvertently deactivated due to human error by a Twitter employee. The account was down for 11 minutes and has since been restored. We are continuing to investigate and are taking steps to prevent this from happening again.

Trump has used the account since March 2009. He has tweeted more than 36,000 times and has 41.7 million followers.

Trump has spoken freely about his reliance on Twitter before. Within an interview with Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business Network last month, Trump acknowledged his use of social media as among the grounds he was elected.

“You have to keep people interested also,”

he said.

“You know, you have to keep people interested.”

Twitter also acts as among Trump’s main tools for deflecting criticisms and attacks. In the exact interview, Trump said that

“When somebody says something about me, I am able to go bing, bing, bing and I take care of it.”

Trump conceded that those close to him make an effort to steer him away from social media. But he insists on tweeting – spelling mistakes included – as a tool for “fake news.”

Trump’s account might have been “accidentally” deactivated Thursday, but Twitter had to defend its decision to not remove particular presidential tweets.

Within a six-tweet thread in September, Trump issues what some took as a threat fond of North Korea.

“Just heard Foreign Minister of North Korea speak at UN. If he echoes thoughts of Little Rocket Man, they won’t be around much longer!” Trump wrote.

As The Post has reported, Twitter prohibits tweets including violent threats, which some argued as it was Trump’s intention.

Twitter responded stating a lot of factors get into account when analyzing controversial content, including its “newsworthiness” and whether they have “public interest.”

Those tweets confronting North Korea followed other instances where critics requested Trump’s account to be more closely controlled, such as when he tweeted an edited video of himself hitting someone, the victim’s face replaced with a CNN logo.

And there are the accounts that Twitter has chosen to suspend. Last month, the celebrity Rose McGowan went on Twitter to challenge Ben Affleck on his claim that he knew nothing of Harvey Weinstein’s decades-long background of sexual assault and abusive behavior towards women.

“You lie,” McGowan wrote a tweet.

But another tweet resulted in the temporary suspension of her account. Despite at first declining to comment on the content of that specific tweet, Twitter later revealed that McGowan’s “account was temporarily locked because one of her Tweets included a personal contact number, which violates our Terms of Service.”

On Thursday, Trump used his account to congratulate the Houston Astros for winning the World Series, ask Congress to “TERMINATE” the diversity visa lottery and announce the nomination of Jerome Powell as the next chair of the Federal Reserve.

Trump was tweeting at 8:05 pm, praising the day’s “Great Tax Cut rollout.”

“The lobbyists are storming Capitol Hill, but the Republicans will hold strong and do what is right for America!”

It was like he never left.


News Source : Ndtv

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