London, Sep 25 (PTI) A 45-year-old man in the UK has experienced a heart attack as a consequence of a severe allergic attack to a wasp bite, relating to a full case report.

The person was identified as having Kounis syndrome when a severe allergic attack is accompanied by symptoms of chest pain that may progress to a heart attack, said the reports lead author, Benjamin Cross, a medical student at Blackpool Victoria Medical center in the united kingdom at the right time of the case.

Although Kounis syndrome is uncommon, there are medical case reports of the syndrome which have been associated with allergies to foods, insect stings, and certain drugs, Live Science reported.

After being bitten from a yellow jacket wasp, the man’s left hand started to feel heavy and achy, and hours later, this pain became more frequent and spread to his left arm, shoulder, and back.

He suffered a heart attack on the real way to the hospital, based on the full case published in the journal BMJ Case Reports.

The person has a genetic tendency to build up allergic diseases, including a health background of eczema and asthma.

However, he previously never really had a severe allergic reaction, Cross said.

However, he had been smoking a pack of cigarettes a complete day to get more than 30 years.

To this incident prior, some buildup was had by him of plaque in his arteries, which put his heart in danger also, Cross added. PTI SAR


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