A trainee accountant from Chang’an in northwestern China’s Shaanxi Province went partially blind after she spent a whole day playing games on her smartphone, according to press reports.

21-year-old Wu Xiaojing said she could no more see from her right eye after a day of playing games on her device.

She was playing a favorite game in China called King of Glory, reported Asia One.

“I stopped video gaming for dinner, and then have my eyesight dim in my right eye,” the young gamer said.

She rushed to a hospital where doctors diagnosed her with retinal artery occlusion, a disorder usually caused by the tiredness of the eye.

Wu said doing offers on her mobile phone is her only hobby, with the mobile device taking most of her extra hours after work and on weekends.

“Through the weekend I anywhere don’t go. I just stay home and play games on my phone,” she said.

She added that a typical day saw her waking up around 6.30am and starting to play games after having breakfast.

“I don’t stop until around 4 pm when I have a late lunch,” she said.

She then naps before gaming until 2 am. Wu remains in hospital under health care.

It’s as yet not known if her eyesight will come back.


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